Time Measurement Company
for Track Athletes

YY-Factory is a Japanese company founded by Tomoko Yanagimoto and Yoshiyuki Yanagimoto in 2015. It is focusing on a short track sprint time measurement product, FASTRun-R. Although it is a small company, its unique patented technology made possible that such a small company is gainig the most poularity among the Japanese track athletes.

Remarkable contribution of FASTRun-R is that the men's 4x100m relay Japan national team decided to choose FASTRun-R as its daily-use time measurement equipment. The team won a Silver medal at the 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, Japan nationl team has been using FASTRun-R and winning medals, such as a Bronze medal at London 2017 World Championship, a Gold medal at Taipei 2017 Universiade. Following such epoch-making events, FASTRun-R has started to be considered a Japanese "standard" time measurement system.

YY-Factory Inc.
5-64-1 Ibukidai Higashimachi Nishiku, Kobe, Japan 651-2242
cotact: Yoshiyuki Yanagimoto
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