Time Measurement System for Sprinters

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Decting near torso, not hand
FASTRun-R is radiating infrared into comparably a wide area. The detection is from a surface, rather than a point. When a "large object" comes into the radiation area, the Sensor units detects the object, ie. a runner. Phototube system detects a point using a narrow beam, which often causes an erroneous detection of a hand.

The pictures below is showing that the detection occurs at the timing when a "large object" is inside the detection area. The red LED indicates the timing of detection. Even if the runner (that's me!), tried to fool the Sensor unit by spreading the hand ahead, the Sensor unit detected the timing near the torso.

note: FASTRun-R detects "large object", this does not mean it exactly detects torso. When a runner is running in the specified distance (60cm to 120cm) from the Sensor unit, the error is expected to be about 5cm.

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