Time Measurement System for Sprinters

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Baton Transfer of Relay
FASTRun-R measures time of baton transfer.

For evaluating the efficiency of baton transfer, you want to measure the time of "baton". You are interested in the time of the passer before the baton is transfered and the time of the receiver after the baton is trandfered.


There are two runners at the same lane and the other runner becomes an obstacle of measument of the runner of interest.

FASTRun-R has a unique function to detect the second runner. This capability enables the measurement of "baton".

Please see the following charts;
Before starting time measurement, runner B is waiting for runner A slightly ahead of Blue Line so that the Sensor unit does not detect runer B.
1. The Sensor unit detects runner A and sends a radio signal to the The timer unit and the stopwatch starts conting
2. Runner B comes first to the hand-over zone IN but the Sensor unit does not send a radio signal. Then, when runner A comes, the Sensor unit sends a radio signal to the timer and the stopwatch takes this time as Lap.
3. When runner B comes to hand-over zone OUT, the time is measured as Lap, and then, runner A is ignored.
4. When runner B comes to the final line (10m after hand-over zone OUT), the stopwatch stops, and then, runner A is ignored.

This way, you will be able to capture all the section times of baton transfer. You can partially measure 1/4 combination or 2/3 combination.

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