Time Measurement System for Sprinters
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FASTRun-R Prices
The price of each unit is shown.
You can pick the units to form a set you need.
Start unit
Makes electronic pistol sound and sends a radio signal to the Timer unit. Self-start function is in.
USD 260
Sensor unit
Detects a runner and sends radio signal to the Timer unit. Can be attached to a commercial tripod.
USD 320
Timer unit
Measures time by receaving radio signals from the Start unit and the Sensor unit(s).    UDS 280
 Which units should I buy?
Please go to this page to know which units are needed for the measurement you are interested in.

Do I need tripods? What kind?
You will need tripods for the Sensor units. Any standard tripod fits the screw at the bottom of the Sensor unit. The hight should be at your torso, such as 100cm - 120cm. Comonly sold eight folded tripod has a right hight and is compact for carrying. The Start unit does not necesarily requires a tripod.

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