Time Measurement System for Sprinters

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Easy to setup, easy to carry

FASTRun-R detects reflection from a runner. This means FASTRun-R requres only one unit per gate, unlike a photocell system which requires two units per gate.

Two big advantages;

One is setup time. You can set up FASTRun-R in a few minutes, by just placing one Sensor unit per gate. You don't have to waste your precious training time for setting up two units per gate and aligning beams.

The other is weight and volume. You can carry FASTRun-R to a training camp so easily. Not only the measurement unit, tripods are also heavy and bulky items. The whole volume and weight are less than half of a photocell system.
Example of four section measurement.
Each Sentor unit is placed on one side of the lane.

Four interval measuement is done with the set below.

The set above is stored in this small bag.
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